Moûtiers-french-alps-landscape-photography Mar 9

A snapshot of Moûtiers, France

Not every day is a ski day in the French Alps, especially when you are as injury-prone as me. A few weeks ago, on a much needed day off, a group of us headed to the small commune of Moûtiers, for a spot of lunch and some sightseeing.  This photo essay is a bit of…

Feb 2

7 quotes I love about winter and the mountains

I love winter and I love living in the mountains, whether that is in Fernie, British Columbia, the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, the Southern Alps of New Zealand, the lofty peaks of England’s Lake District, or my current home in the French Alps. Here are 7 quotes I love about winter and the mountains. 

Jan 27

Candide Thovex – One of these days Parts I, II, III

Why not take a break and watch Candide Thovex throw down… Here are all three of his epic ‘One of these days’ segments. Enjoy.

Fernie Avalanche Control Jan 13

Triggered: Avalanche Control at Fernie Alpine Resort

Fernie Alpine Resort has a unique set of challenges, which a skilled team of avalanche technicians have to manage every day. Three-quarters of the terrain at Fernie Alpine Resort sits below five imposing headwalls and in avalanche paths. This excellent documentary showcases the avalanche control at Fernie Alpine Resort

fall-colours-in-fernie-british-columbia Jan 10

Pulse by Mike Olbinski

I’ve been following Mike Olbinski for a few years now and his storm chasing work is second to none. This black and white time lapse is incredible. Watch this video in as high a resolution as possible. This is Pulse by Mike Olbinski.  Pulse (4K) from Mike Olbinski on Vimeo.

Tignes Les Brevieres Jan 6

Why I’m struggling to photograph Tignes

I have moved to the French Alps for the winter and more specifically, Tignes Les Brevieres. Tignes is home to some of the best skiing in the French Alps, relatively snow-sure and also home to the Grande Motte glacier. It is a beautiful part of the world but why am I struggling to photograph Tignes? …

Nov 30

Why I want to visit Iceland

“There is no more sagacious animal than the Icelandic horse. He is stopped by neither snow, nor storm, nor impassable roads, nor rocks, glaciers, or anything. He is courageous, sober, and surefooted. He never makes a false step, never shies. If there is a river or fjord to cross (and we shall meet with many)…

Nov 17

Wilderness: A short film

An email from renowned micro-adventurer Alastair Humphreys landed in my inbox this week. Included in said email was this fantastic short film which is just too good not to be shared.  Based on the writings of acclaimed Scottish author, environmentalist and naturalist John Muir, Wilderness is an “ode to the wilderness”, filmed in the beautiful…

Sunlight on the fells: Where to visit in Lake District National Park Oct 25

Tips for exploring Lake District National Park

The haunting allure of the Lake District captures visitors imagination long before they set foot in this beautiful corner of England. The words of William Wordsworth, Arthur Ransome, and Beatrix Potter reverberate throughout the landscape of this protected national park, while artists such as John Ruskin captured the beauty of the land on canvas. The…

Snake Ridge Fernie Oct 19

Ascent to Powder – Tale of a Ski Town

Fernie wears a lot of hats, coal town, trout town, bike town, but for me and so many who moved here for the winter, Fernie is a ski town.

mistakes-i-make-hiking Sep 16

Mistakes I make hiking, and how to avoid them

I suck at hiking. Don’t make the same mistakes as me. If you are new to hiking, or just suck at it like I do, take note of these common mistakes. 1) Not wearing in your boots before your hike Your feet are your tools when it comes to hiking, happy feet = happy hiking. Not…

Grant Gunderson Photographer Interview Sep 6

Grant Gunderson: Photographer Interview

While Grant Gunderson is one the world’s best-known mountain sports photographers, first and foremost he is a skier. Luckily, his forward thinking parents had him on skis before he could even walk. As a professional photographer who specialises in mountain culture, Grant is travelling the world more often than he is at home in Bellingham, Washington. Taking…