Jan 27

Candide Thovex – One of these days Parts I, II, III

Why not take a break and watch Candide Thovex throw down… Here are all three of his epic ‘One of these days’ segments. Enjoy.

Grant Gunderson Photographer Interview Sep 6

Grant Gunderson: Photographer Interview

While Grant Gunderson is one the world’s best-known mountain sports photographers, first and foremost he is a skier. Luckily, his forward thinking parents had him on skis before he could even walk. As a professional photographer who specialises in mountain culture, Grant is travelling the world more often than he is at home in Bellingham, Washington. Taking…

Nov 21

Know Before You Go: Avalanche Awareness Video

KBYG ” It doesn’t matter if you have made thousands of good calls – all it takes is one bad call and that is one too many. Some days the mountains are screaming GET OUT OF HERE and some days they are saying come on in – it’s time to party.” – Jeremy Jones Heading…

Sep 27

Misadventures in the Backcountry

TIM’S STRAY DOG CANTINA on a cold February night is the sort of place you’ll find locals and tourists mixing it together. Jared Bella and another volunteer called Caleb from the Taos Ski Valley search and rescue team were just finishing their supper when a call came in that five backcountry users were in trouble. Their…

Dec 7

Climate Change will Impact the Winter Sports Industry

Climate change will impact the winter sports industry… This is the conclusion of a new joint report from the National Resources Defense Council and Protect Our Winters. “The winter sports industry is deeply dependent upon predictable, heavy snowfall, but climate change is expected to contribute to warmer winters, reduced snowfall, and shorter snow seasons.” (NRDC &…