fernie-backcountry-british-columbia Nov 25

Fernie Backcountry: A Photo Essay

Backcountry “a sparsely populated rural region remote from a settled area.”

Nov 9

Reigate Heath, Surrey: A Photo Essay

Reigate Heath, Surrey: Found on the outskirts of London and one of the world’s busiest roads (the M25), it may come as a surprise to many to learn there is an abundance of green spaces in Surrey. One of those green spaces is the beautiful Reigate Heath.  Reigate Heath, Surrey

fall-in-fernie-british-columbia-canada Nov 7

Fall in Fernie, British Columbia: A Photo Essay Part II

Welcome to part II of my Fall in Fernie, British Columbia photo essay. If you haven’t seen part I, you can do so here. Fall in Fernie, British Columbia

currie-bowl-fernie-2016-pin Nov 3

Fall in Fernie, British Columbia: A Photo Essay Part I

Last month I was back in Fernie just in time to see the changing colours, as Fall and Winter collided. As regular readers will know, Fernie was home for four amazing years. For the past year, I have been based in the UK, waiting impatiently for a new work permit to arrive (this wait will…

Oct 24

Winter is coming to Fernie: Photo of the Week

Winter is coming… to Fernie: ‘Winter is coming’, those immortal words are uttered every Fall in Fernie. While the phrase may have taken on a different meaning in recent years, thanks to a bloodthirsty TV show, in Fernie it means the white stuff is starting to fall and the town gets ready for winter. This…