Feb 2

7 quotes I love about winter and the mountains

I love winter and I love living in the mountains, whether that is in Fernie, British Columbia, the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, the Southern Alps of New Zealand, the lofty peaks of England’s Lake District, or my current home in the French Alps. Here are 7 quotes I love about winter and the mountains. 

Jun 21

Jeff Bartlett Photographer Interview

Jeff Bartlett looks at his adventure photography as extension of everything he loves about living in the mountains. Cycling, hiking and skiing are synonymous with active travel and he uses these activities to shape compelling stories which light the fire of wanderlust. Jeff sat down with Nomads on the Road recently to talk all things…

Jun 5

Kyle Hamilton Photographer Interview

Welcome to the first of a series of interviews with a selection of my favourite photographers. First up, Fernie-based photographer Kyle Hamilton. Kyle kindly took time out of his busy schedule to chat with Nomads on the Road about his life as a photographer, who and what inspires his photography, what makes a great photograph and…

Feb 27

Published Work

Here is a series of links to the best of my published work… Canadian Bucket List – 7 Reasons to put Fernie on the Bucket List Crowfoot Media – Review of Heart Waters Crowfoot Media – 6 Day Hikes in Fernie D Travels Round – Antigua: A Street Level View from Guatemala’s Colonial Capital Destination BC…

Old man of Akaroa Dec 9

Conversations with Strangers – the old man of Akaroa

The Old Man of Akaroa Sitting at the bar you see things. You see things you wouldn’t see or perhaps notice outside the sanctuary of a bar. You see old people, young people, happy people, sad people, those who wish to drink away their sorrows, those celebrating a birthday, a promotion. Or you’ll see people…

Feb 10

About Nomads On The Road

Follow me on Instagram @mikecottonphotography “Once a bum always a bum. I fear the disease is incurable.” John Steinbeck Mike is a writer and wannabe mountain man, if he could grow a big bushy beard he would, but he will settle for writing about all things adventure.   “Live, travel, adventure, bless, and don’t be sorry.”…

maroubra-sydney-waves-mike-cotton-photography-1 Dec 21

Maroubra, Australia: Photo of the Week

Maroubra, Australia This Christmas I am in Australia, trying to avoid the cricket, sunburn and drinking too much – I am failing at all three things so far. Remember to follow me on Instagram and like Nomads on the Road on Facebook, for the latest on my adventures.  If you are interested in buying any of my photography check out…