Feb 7

Antigua Market: Bartering Guatemala Style

I suspect many long-term travellers will cringe at this tale, perhaps thinking they would never be seen dead in a tourist market or bartering with Antigua market vendors is a big no-no. But this is the story of a plucky Aussie, a Guatemalan trader and a simple granite Mayan chess set. Antigua is firmly on the Gringo…

Dec 12

iPhoneography Tour of Central America

Over the summer I took a month off from Fernie, the winter had been long, cold, epic but it was time to do what so many ski bums do when the hills close… Head south for warmer climes. With just a backpack and my trusty, though rather battered iPhone, I, and five friends, took off…

Tikal Sunrise Oct 11

Tikal Sunrise

As I drifted off to sleep inside the stuffy tent I fervently prayed I would emerge the next morning unscathed, it wasn’t the infamous Puma I worried about – it was the bloody mosquito. The buzzing, that damn, bloody buzzing, one of the little bastards was inside the tent. The next morning came soon enough,…

San Pedro, Lake Atitlan Jul 23

Photo of the Week: San Pedro, Lake Atitlan

San Pedro, Lake Atitlan San Pedro on Lake Atitlan is a bustling town is popular with backpackers and firmly part of the ‘gringo trail’. Lake Atitlan itself is surrounded by active volcanoes.

Santiago Atitlán Jul 4

Photo of the Week: Santiago Atitlán

Early morning in Santiago Atitlán – the town square and side streets are full of avocados.

Tikal Sunset Jun 27

Tikal Sunset

Tikal Sunset It was just before 5.30pm., the jungle floor is alive with activity. Ants are ferrying sticks and leaves across the path. I’m jogging through the Tikal jungle, desperately trying to catch the sunset from atop of one of the temples, yet trying even harder to avoid crushing the ants. The light was fading;…

El Paredon Surf Camp, Guatemala Jun 17

Photo of the Week: El Paredon Surf Camp Guatemala

El Paredon Surf Camp on Guatemala’s East Coast.

Semuc Champey Waterfall Jun 11

Photo of the Week: Semuc Champey, Guatemala

Semuc Champey in Alta Verapaz, Guatemala is a spot which is becomingly increasingly popular with travellers. Located near the bustling Mayan town of Lanquin, Semuc Champey is situated in a valley with forest laden walls overlooking natural crystalline spring waters pools.