Sunlight on the fells: Where to visit in Lake District National Park Oct 25

Tips for exploring Lake District National Park

The haunting allure of the Lake District captures visitors imagination long before they set foot in this beautiful corner of England. The words of William Wordsworth, Arthur Ransome, and Beatrix Potter reverberate throughout the landscape of this protected national park, while artists such as John Ruskin captured the beauty of the land on canvas. The…

mistakes-i-make-hiking Sep 16

Mistakes I make hiking, and how to avoid them

I suck at hiking. Don’t make the same mistakes as me. If you are new to hiking, or just suck at it like I do, take note of these common mistakes. 1) Not wearing in your boots before your hike Your feet are your tools when it comes to hiking, happy feet = happy hiking. Not…

reigate-heath-misty-morning Sep 4

Reigate Heath: Photo of the Week

Reigate Heath: I had been awake since 5am, out the door by 5.15am and in Betchworth by 5.45am. The sun was still below the horizon and the River Mole had a cool layer of mist lingering over it. Yet the photographs I got in that location just didn’t do it for me. So I jumped…

best-of-england-landscape-photography Sep 1

Why coming home is the hardest thing to do

The train makes its way out of the station, soon settling into a steady rhythm. You can almost hear your heartbeat in time to the dur-dur-dum of the train as it pushes itself along the tracks. The sound always reminds me of lying in bed, listening to the sound of the railway. For some reason,…

reigate-heath-misty-morning Aug 29

Reigate Heath Misty Morning: Photo of the Week

Reigate Heath Misty Morning: Getting up before the sun has risen is hard work. When I lived and worked in Canada, I was often tramping through the snow long before the sun came up. But since I’ve been back in England I’ve only managed to catch the sunrise a few times. Thankfully, for this photograph,…

Lake District National Park Aug 11

Lake District National Park Photo Essay: Part II

Last week I published part one of my Lake District National Park photo essay, you can revisit it here. This week is the second installment and showcases a sample of the photographs I took while away from my base at Wasdale Head.  

Aug 2

Lake District National Park Photo Essay: Part I

The Lake District National Park is a mountainous region of England. While the mountains do not scale the heights of the Rocky Mountains, they are an impressive sight. This photo essay focuses on the southwest region of the Lake District, an area which is home to Scafell Pike, Great Gable, Kirk Fell and Illgill Head,…