May 16

Obertraun Austria: Photo of the Week

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Hallstatt, Austria May 2

Photo of the Week: Hallstatt Austria

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Europe iPhoneography Apr 29

Europe iPhoneography: Austria

This is the first post in a new series called Europe iPhoneography… on my recent three-week tramp around Europe, my new iPod Touch was never far from my side. This is the result of my best iPhoneography photographs from the first of four countries.  Europe iPhoneography: Austria Salzburg Innsbruck Bad Aussee Obertraun and Hallstatt Like…

Apr 18

Austrian Village Considers Name Change – But Why?

Mum, if you’re reading stop reading asap. You gone? Seriously stop reading. This post will contain that swear word you hate, nope not that one, the other one. Right, warning over. There is a village in Austria called Fucking. Awesome name right? Well not if you live there it seems. For the residents of the…

Dec 6

Downtown Sound – The joy of discovering a record shop

The sun was beating on my back, was it really August in the Tirolean Alps? The 35 plus temperatures were doing their best to convince me otherwise but here I was standing outside Downtown Sound in Innsbruck flicking through crate after crate of vinyl, sweat dripping off my forehead, yet I can leave one record…

Nov 21

iPhoneography from around the world

Marmite – you either love it or hate it. Well Instagram is the marmite of the photography world. I hadn’t heard of iPhoneography until fairly recently but it’s fair to say I’m hooked on the concept and the range of apps is growing with every passing month. iPhoneography is here to stay and as with…

The imposing Tirol Alps rise high above the city of Innsbruck Oct 13

Hiking the Austrian Alps – High above Innsbruck

Hiking the Austrian Alps The moment I met Hans I knew I was in trouble, Hans looked every bit the archetypical Austrian mountain man, not the Arnold Schwarzenegger kind but the wily, mountain goat kind, paper-thin legs and not an ounce of fat on him kind of Austrian. A true mountain man. It’s 7.45 am…

Oct 7

Five Best Ski Resorts for Seasonaires

Affectionately known as ‘seasonaires’ in Europe, seasonal workers help keep powderhounds happy at ski resorts around the world. Working in a ski resort is perfect for ski bums from all walks of life – college grads fresh out of school, career breakers, and even long-term travellers looking for a home base for the season. Here…

White water rafting Innsbruck Austria Sep 7

White Water Rafting in Innsbruck

White Water Rafting in Innsbruck White water rafting in Innsbruck Austria is epic, read on for my gnarly adventure travel on the River Inn. “UND STOP!” our stocky white water rafting guide, Kev, bellows. My paddle drops onto my lap as my arms burn; I’m using muscles I never knew existed. The raft glides effortlessly…