Life’s Little Things: The Quotes by Cendrine Marrouat 


Cendrine Marrouat is French-born photographer and writer currently living in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Life’s Little Things is her tenth book. 

Cendrine has been taking photographs for as long as she can remember but things didn’t really click for her until 2010. She spent two weeks in Vancouver at the Winter Olympics, and while going through her photographs from the Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Garden, it dawned on her that she had one image that stood out from the rest. 

“I decided to use it on the cover of my fifth poetry book, titled ‘Five Years and Counting. A Journey into the Mind of Soul Poetry’.

“When looking at the cover, people asked me if I was a professional photographer. Magazines offered me money to give up my rights to the photo. This made me really happy and I realized that I might have some skills as a photographer. As a result, I spent four years educating myself and looking at what other photographers were doing.”
Cendrine states that she is not that interested in editing her photographs, instead she shares them ‘as is’ on social media. Since 2014 she has been prints on her website and her first photography book followed a year later.
Describing herself as a nature photographer with ‘a passion for documenting little details’, Cendrine’s work can also be described as a contemporary landscape photography.
“My biggest influence is Ansel Adams. His photos give me goosebumps. I love how he used light and contrast together in his photos.
“Every time I go out to take photos, I give myself a goal. For example, in one of my latest sessions, I decided to pay particular attention to the way the light hit leaves. It was a fascinating challenge,” she said.
Poetry is Cendrine’s first love and this is evident in how she describes what she thinks makes a great photograph. 
She said: “A great photograph is like a traditional haiku. You have to look at it several times to understand the story and its message.” 
For her latest project, Cendrine invited readers of her blog to select the photographs and she then matched the words to the photographs. The words were based on lessons she had learned in life and the challenge was for her to ensure they fit with the images.

“Quotes have been part of the human fabric for a very long time. No matter how old we are, we like to keep our favorites with us. We often have them safely tucked in our wallets or framed on the walls of our homes.

Quotes bring us a sense of comfort and keep us grounded. They force us to think and question our preconceived notions of our surroundings. Most importantly, they inspire us to become better people, especially when they are paired with photography that tells multi-layered stories,” Cendrine said.

You can follow Cendrine’s work on her website, as well as on Instagram and Twitter.

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