The Kootenays are world famous for its winters but if you venture beyond the powder-filled ski hills, you’ll find a host of stunning, remote and adventure-filled provincial parks.
Below is a selection of the best provincials parks, in the Kootenays of British Columbia, you need to visit to celebrate Canada 150. 
Bugaboo Provincial Park

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The excellently named Bugaboo Provincial Park is the first park on our list. Encompassing the Bugaboo mountain range, the provincial park is a haven for mountaineers and climbers. It is also the location of the Conrad Kain (managed by the Alpine Club of Canada). Conrad Kain was a renowned Austrian guide who pioneered climbs in the Purcell Mountains, including Bugaboo Spire in 1916.
Valhalla Provincial Park
Valhalla is not only the Nordic heaven, it is only the name of a kick-ass provincial park in the West Kootenays.
Established in 1983, Valhalla Provincial Park is found on the Western shore of Slocan Lake and included the Valhalla Range of the Selkirk Mountains.
The park is remote and not easily accessible. Making it popular with backcountry enthusiasts and climbers. Valhalla was featured in the excellent Sweetgrass Productions ski movie of the same name. 
Top of the World Provincial Park
The name of this beautiful provincial park is very apt, for most of the park is 1,800 metres (5,940ft) and higher. I first heard of Top of the World Provincial Park while visiting nearby Whiteswan Provincial Park and the Lussier Hot Springs. Top of the World is a rough and remote park with access either Whiteswan or Ram Creek. 
Elk Lakes Provincial Park
Found within the deepest western range of the Southern Rocky Mountains, Elk Lakes Provincial Park is a wild and unforgiving place. Distinguishable by a sub-alpine landscape, old glaciers, rugged peaks and glistening lakes. Elk Lakes is easily accessible but seldom visited.   
Mount Assiniboine Provincial Park

When morning sunlight meets high alpine peaks, wonderful things happen.

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This is the most inaccessible provincial park on our list. Nestled between the tourist staple of Banff National Park and equally the beautiful Kootenay National Park is Mount Assiniboine Provincial Park. This small (39sq km) provincial park is part of the Rockies’ Unesco World Heritage Site.  
The Towering peak of Mt Assiniboine (3618m) is often called Canada’s Matterhorn. The area is a calling point for climbers, backcountry hikers and ski tourers.  The park has no road access and the quickest route is via Alberta’s Sunshine Village in Banff National Park. 

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  • Kavey Favelle says

    What an amazing collection of parks – I love that there are so many in each province of Canada! The photo of Mount Assiniboine Provincial Park is just stunning, beautiful light too.

  • Fiona Maclean says

    Such wonderful outdoor spaces! I’d love to be part of Canada 150 – perhaps I’ll just have to organise a visit

  • Marcus and Mel says

    British Colombia looks an amazing place to visit with its stunning dramatic landscapes. The names are great too, “Bugaboo” and I thought they just made expensive designer pushchairs.

  • Travel with Mei and Kerstin says

    Wow! The landscapes in British Columbia are simply marvelous! Thanks for this post! Now we know which park we should pick when we visit Western Canada! 🙂

  • Jennifer says

    I’ve been itching to get back to Canada for a wilderness trip. I grew up not too far from the Canada border, so my parents used to take me on trips there when I was kid. I haven’t been back in many years now though and it’s time to change that! Mount Assiniboine Provincial Park particularly calls to me, probably because of how inaccessible it is.

  • Danik says

    This was one park I didn’t get to visit on my trip to BC but I hope to be here next year. I love the mountains shown, nothing beats a good #mountainporn photo 🙂

  • Sabine says

    It’s definitely a beautiful part of Canada. I visited the West Coast but seem to have missed the Kootenay parks. We drove from Vancouver to the Rockies, but I guess next time we take some time to visit the ones you mention here. Beautiful photos as well!!

  • Jonathan says

    Are any of these an easy day trip from Vancouver?

  • Lois Alter Mark says

    I love seeing all these unique landscapes. The photos are gorgeous. I just visited Victoria, BC this year but would love to go back and spend time in these parks.

  • Jenn and Ed Coleman says

    This definitely looks like Nordic heaven. So rocky and majestic. Five more great reasons to visit BC

  • Barb says

    I have heard about beautiful nature in Canada, but thus provincial park is out of a dream. I love mountains. I hope I will have a chance to visit Mount Assiniboine Provincial Park one day.

  • Rahul Khurana says

    Love those tall peaks and lake around it. The landscape is so amazing. I would love to visit these national parks in Canada someday. It all seems out of this world. Beautiful! 🙂

  • sherianne says

    Man!!! I’ve been to Banff, I did not see this. Your photography is amazing. I’m googling this now, won’t miss it again!

  • Chloe says

    This park is gorgeous! I can totally imagine the exhilarating pleasure you feel when you are there!

  • Megan Jerrard says

    British Colombia is stunning, thanks for sharing these provincial parks – Bugaboo Provincial Park in particular – so beautiful! I think it’s the same here in Canada as in the US, I often find that US State parks are more rewarding than it’s national parks – mainly because they’re for the large part unheard of and even more stunning because tourism hasn’t taken it’s toll 🙂

  • melody pittman says

    Banff has been on my travel bucket list for 20 years now. Maybe next year… (I keep saying) The first park you featured is gorgeous but all that snow…. eek… 😉

  • Sandy N Vyjay says

    The Provincial Parks look like havens for adventure. I am really intrigued by the Bugaboo Park, it looks so tantalizingly tempting. Hope to visit these wonderful parks someday and bask in the natural environs.

  • knycx.journeying says

    Epic photos and stunning views. Always love a hiking and camping trip and the beautiful sunrise always make it all worthwhile 🙂 @ knycx.journeying

  • Michelle says

    Wow!! I always think of Whistler when I think of British Columbia, but this opened my eyes to expanding my idea of the province! Canada has so much to offer and I didn’t even realize until now how little I know about it’s nature and parks. The photos are beautiful!

  • Darlene | PSW says

    I cant get over that photo of Mt Assiniboine. It’s so stunning! Canada surely has lots of provincial parks for the adventurous souls. Banff is high up on my list.

  • Nisha Jha says

    I just told someone that one needs a lifetime to visit USA . and Now I need some more life to visit Canada too. Even if the geography looks similar to US one can discern differences.

  • Reshma says

    Wow! I was just thinking like how many stunning parks do the US and Canada have, looking at your gorgeous photos! I knew about the others and I got to know about Mount Assiniboine Provincial Park from here now, and my urge to visit Canada only got increased! Lovely pics!

  • Agness of eTramping says

    Wow! These parks are stunning! I’d love to visit it!

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