Where to store your photographs online? As I become more and more serious about my photography, I find myself needing more storage to save my photographs. Below are my three favourite ways of storing my photographs online. This is by no means an extensive list of online storage options, these are simply the three that I use regularly. 

Where to store your photographs online?


Flickr is an amazing online community which just happens to have kick-ass free storage. Flickr offers 1TB FREE! 1TB is a huge amount of storage. Depending on how large your files, Flickr could offer you well over 100,000 photograph storage capacity. If you find yourself nearing that limit, first of all, congrats. Secondly, you always have the option of going pro, giving you lots more storage at a reasonable price. 

The photograph below was featured on Flickr Explore and helped me gain new fans. 

Reigate Heath, Surrey

You can follow my work on Flickr, here.


Smugmug is the cloud based storage I use to host the photographs I have made available for good folk such as yourself to buy. They offer four different plans, outlined below. What I like about SmugMug is the option to customise the site to suit your needs, my online shop is powered through SmugMug. You can check it out here. If you are interested in a free 14-day trial for Smugmug, you can sign up here.


Amazon Drive


Part of Amazon Prime, Amazon Drive is a great place to store your photographs online. I am an Amazon Prime user, I love the next day delivery option and Prime Video, for me, is better than Netflix. An added bonus of Prime is the unlimited storage for photos. Yep, unlimited. You can sign up for Amazon Prime, here.

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