I’m a fraud. There I said. I tell people I don’t watch much TV and in that respect, I’m not telling a lie, I’m merely stretching the truth. The truth is I spend a stupendous amount of time watching photography videos on youtube.

Here are 8 photography YouTube channels you should be watching and why…

Brendan van Son

Brendan van Son is a Canadian travel photographer who loves exploring the world and posting a daily vlog. Brendan’s videos are a mix of travel, photography and inspiration, taking in the highs and lows of life as a full-time travel photographer. 

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Art of Photography

Ted Forbes aka Art of Photography says he has a “deep passion” for photography. Watching just one of his brilliant videos and you’ll soon be convinced that he loves everything to do with photography. Not just the technical side but also the history of photography, including our illustrious and not so illustrious forebearers. 

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Ben Horne

Ben Horne is a photographer who doesn’t like to constantly talk about his gear or the technical side of photography. Instead, he would rather be the guy out taking photographs. Luckily for us, that is precisely what he does. Since 2009, Ben has been filming his journeys and telling a story about his experience hiking into the wilderness with his large format camera. 

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Professional Photography Tips

Joshua Cripps is the man behind Professional Photography Tips and he has been my go to for tutorials. He has a great, relaxed style in front of the camera and manages to get across the information across with ease.

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Gregg Snell

Greg Snell, a winner of the wildly sucessful ‘Best Job in the World’ campaign by South Australia Tourism, is a travel photographer who first came to my attention through his work with Brendan van Son. His drone footage is second to none and his infectious engergy on camera is great to see. 

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Sean Tucker

Sean Tucker’s youtube channel is more about the ‘why’ of photography than the ‘how’. Sean has such a relaxed way of speaking on camera and the way he talks about photography is more about the vision than the tech. 

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Simon Baxter

Simon Baxter has a relatively young youtube channel but it quickly became one of my favourites simply because his photography is beautiful. Taking great care to talk the viewer through his thought process behind his photographs allows us to get a unique insight. 

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Thomas Heaton

Finally but by no means, last, is Thomas Heaton. Thomas is a youtube sensation in the photography world. His landscape work is second to none but his videos are simply brilliant. From his native North West to the Lake District and Iceland, his photography never fails to impress. His videos are flat-out inspiration with a smattering of technical thrown in to show the view how he got his shot. 

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