Tignes Les Brevieres Dam

Tignes Les Brevieres Dam Hike: My last week in Tignes Les Brevieres was one which saw the snow return to this special corner of the French Alps. I took the time to undertake a short hike up the valley towards the Tignes Les Brevieres Dam, also known as the Chevril Dam. The path goes past the power station which is powered by the dam which sits above the village and it follows the Isère River which flows through Tignes Les Brevieres. The short hike is easy and climbs steadily through the gorge, quickly leaving the Isère River below. The path, an old road, heads towards the dam. On one side is a steep drop down towards the Isère River, on the other is an imposing rock face. Rock slides and falls are frequent so take care when walking in this area. This photograph shows that landslides can also occur, there is a rope attached to the cliff to help you cross this thin and precarious section of the path. I am now back in England to spend some time with the family, I have an action packed rest of the year, but I will divulge all in a post very shortly. Photograph details: 1/200th sec, F8.0, ISO100, 12mm, shot using an Olympus OM-D EM5. If you are interested in purchasing this print, you can do so here.

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  • Matt says

    Great snap. I love the Alps at all times of the year, but Spring is definitely special. You have some fantastic photos here, keep up the great work.

  • Firdaus Ysf says

    Wow. This is definitely a great picture. Your work is surely amazing. Olympus OM-D Em5 produce really good pictures.

  • Divsi says

    Loved the colours of the trees blended with the snow. As a preference love forests in its glory with its colours alive, unlike always covered with snow:)

  • Nisha says

    Nice picture. I would like to hike in this place for sure. Waiting to see more 🙂 Good luck!

  • Ami says

    Beautiful indeed. I love the tips that you have given to capture something like this. I might just use a leaf from that for something else.

  • Kavey at Kavey Eats says

    A very pretty scene indeed and lovely to read in the caption more about the location, and how you hiked it to take this photo.

  • Punita Malhotra says

    A good photo can make a regular place look not-so-regular. This is one of those.

  • Jennifer says

    I really like this shot because it looks like spring is starting to peek through with the green grass in the foreground, but winter is still very much holding on as seen by those snow dusted trees.

  • Megan Jerrard says

    Wow that really is a very short and narrow path! I love the photograph, and how the grass contrasts with the white landscape behind it. Really stunning hike and view 🙂

  • Iza Abao says

    The photo is breathtaking. It does not look like an easy path. There must be wild animals somewhere there. This reminds me of Narnia. It is a perfect movie setting.

  • Ben says

    Beautiful shot. My photographer friend has the Olympus OM-D EM5 as well and he absolutely loves it.

  • Raksha Nagaraj says

    Wow this is truly spectacular. I love taking landscape pictures, French Alps definitely looks so magical and I wish to visit sometime. I love how the trees are covered in snow, so pretty!

  • Darlene says

    Loved reading the caption. It sound like it wouldnt be an easy hike for me. Especially with my fear of heights. But the view is very well worth it judging from your pic!

  • elisa says

    It looks like a nice short hike with rewarding views! Can’t wait to know where are you going to bring your camera next 😉

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