Waterfalls of Tignes Les Brevieres: I am into my third week here in Tignes Les Brevieres and yesterday was my first day on the ski hill. So stoked to be back on skis. But for now, Tignes Les Brevieres is still snowless.


Tignes Les Breiveres is a beautiful little village, clinging to the cliffs. On the opposite side of the valley, under some extreme avalanche prone cliffs, are these stunning waterfalls. The waterfalls are mostly frozen now, but a week or so ago were flowing beautifully. The turquoise hue in the lake is a result of the runoff of glacial water from high in the mountains. 


Waterfalls of Tignes Les Brevieres: Getting up close and personal as the water cascades down into the valley bottom.


The water flows through little falls surrounded by dense brush.


Check back next week for part two of Waterfalls of Tignes Les Brevieres.

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