Last month I was back in Fernie just in time to see the changing colours, as Fall and Winter collided. As regular readers will know, Fernie was home for four amazing years. For the past year, I have been based in the UK, waiting impatiently for a new work permit to arrive (this wait will sadly go on for a while). For me, Fernie is an awesome Autumn travel destination and this photo essay will cover my month back in Fernie, British Columbia. 

Fernie, British Columbia

Fall in Fernie, British Columba: When I first moved to Fernie, it was early October 2011. I was arriving with the expectation of staying for the winter and the vague notion of moving out to the East Coast for the summer. That plan soon went out the window as I resolved to stay for summer and then I was stoked to have another winter. 

Fernie, British Columbia

Ski Hill in Fernie, British Columbia: Fernie is lucky to have four distinct seasons and each season has its advantages.  Yet, over the years, Fall has become a particular favourite for me. The photographer in me loves the dramatic nature of the weather, low-lying clouds hug the mountains and the snow dusting the ski hill contrasts brilliantly with the changing trees.

Fernie, British Columbia

Misty morning on the River Elk in Fernie: I stayed with my friends Rick and Rachel in their new house in West Fernie. At the end of the road is the dyke which protects the town from the River Elk, it has been known to burst her banks on occasion. The above photograph was taken early in the morning from the aforementioned dyke, the mist is hanging over the forest, a serene scene.


Low clouds over the mountains of Fernie, British Columbia: The cloud hugs the mountains, making for a dramatic photograph.

Fernie, British Columbia

Fernie, British Columbia

Dazzling sunset in the Fernie backcountry: On a trip up to the Microwaves Towers, I stopped to take this photograph as the sun shone one last time along the valley. Compositionally, this photograph is not great but the light was incredible. 


Into the wild: Thanksgiving in Canada takes place in early October and we were on the hunt for turkeys. Sadly, for us  but not the turkeys, we failed in our quest. 

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