Welcome to part II of my Fall in Fernie, British Columbia photo essay. If you haven’t seen part I, you can do so here.


Fall in Fernie, British Columbia: The sun lights up Coal Creek as the low-lying clouds clear. Coal Creek is just a trickle but within a day or two, it became a torrent as the rain pelted Fernie.


Fall in Fernie means the weather is almost constantly changing. It can be raining one minute and then the clouds will clear you’ll see the surrounding hills are covered in snow. One thing that is certain, Fall in Fernie means there is plenty of opportunity for dramatic landscape photography.


While the town was getting soaked as the rain belted it down, up in the surround mountains it was full-on winter mode. This photograph was taken at Morrissey Falls. As you can see the water is a dirty brown colour, this happens when the rainfall disturbs the river bottoms and rouses up sediments. Despite the off-putting colour, the water in Fernie is as fresh as any in the mountains.

Fall in Fernie, British Columbia


The Microwave Towers are found on Morrissey Ridge, high above Fernie. They are an extremely popular spot for a late night fire, and BBQ as well as being the start of a daunting downhill mountain bike trail called Dirt Diggler.


Another reason why many of us flock to the Microwave Towers in Fernie is the amazing sunsets across the valley. This photograph was an experiment; I used a ten stop big stopper filter to block out the light for as long as possible. The resulting image sees the clouds blur and the sky a fiery red as the sun dipped behind the ski hill opposite.


In the last couple of months, I’ve really enjoyed taking photographs of trees. Fall in Fernie, British Columbia afforded me the opportunity to take lots of photographs of trees in full on autumnal mode.

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