Autumn in England is certainly different to Fall in Fernie. The colours are different, the trees are distinct from one another (in Canada, it can often seem like one tree has been multiplied a million times over), and finally, the woods/forests themselves, are different. In England, we have no need to worry about wildlife when wandering through the woods early morning, in complete contrast to British Columbia where the bears, wolves, and cougar rule the forests. Woodland areas in England are unusual in that they are often located in areas where hundreds of thousands of people live. In Canada, the backcountry is usually miles from any form of civilisation and the nearest town will be home to a few thousand people.  This photograph was taken using an Olympus EM5. Photograph details: 03 sec, F9.0, ISO100, 26mm. 

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  • Eric || The Bucket List Project says

    That seems unusual that wildlife doesn’t roam around or did I read that wrong. It kind of looks spooky rather than the colors in North America during the fall and early winter

  • Kate @ Love From Scotland says

    I found Canada quite scary for this, being from the UK we are used to rambling through the forest without thinking about it. In BC there were bear signs everywhere! Lovely photo and I like how you talk about the trees being so different. I had never really thought of that before!

    • Mike Cotton says

      Hey, Kate, it’s funny the longer I spent in Canada the more bear aware I came. I used to go hiking in the mountains without bear spray and now looking back I couldn’t imagine doing that again. Thank you for the kind words.

  • Hendrik says

    Its actually pretty scary to think about that there could be a real life danger just by walking through the woods. while wandering through our german woods which are probably similar to british ones, I never thought about such things. but at least the wolves are already back in our woods nowadays and I think the first bears in Polish woods – so yeah, lets see how it will be…

  • Sabrina says

    Gorgeous picture! I love the fog in between the trees! 🙂 I dream of visiting BC, Canada soon, and it looks like I might get there in 2017! So exciting! PS: I use the same camera

  • Marina says

    Perfect “photo of the week”! Congrats!

    Creepy at the same as romantic. I guess fall colors helped 🙂

  • whereisnoodles says

    Brilliant photo! I love the moody feel!

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