Photography books aren’t always about shutter speeds, megapixels, ISO and aperture, there is an inescapable feeling to the books I talk about below, each book focuses less on the technical side of photography and more on the creative side.

Landscape Photography On Location: Travel, Learn, Explore, Shoot by Thomas Heaton

 Photography Books

Landscape photography and Thomas Heaton go hand in hand. His youtube channel is one of the most popular photography channels around and his videos not only show the viewer amazing landscapes but Thomas’ passion for his subject.

This ebook is a continuation of his videos, ‘designed to inspire the modern day landscape photographer’, packed with stories and anecdotes from behind the photograph. Thomas gives the reader the GPS coordinates for each photograph featured in the book as well as tips on using social media.

Thomas, based in the north east of England, offers readers advice on hiking and preparing for a photography mission, as well as technical information on how he gets his shots.

The Essence of Photography: Seeing and Creativity by Bruce Barnbaum

 Photography BooksBruce Barnbaum’s The Essence of Photography is a stunning book which draws on Bruce’s decades of experience in producing both personal and commercial work as well as his decades of teaching workshops. Giving photographers, both amteaur and professional, an insight into how to be creative and produce beautiful photographs. Creativity is often overlooked in photography books as we get bogged down in the technical side of things and many believe creativity can not be taught, something Bruce dismisses in this book.

Bruce is recognised as one of the preeminent darkroom printers in the world, particularly for his black and white photography. This book, illustrated with over 90 photographs, delves into finding your own rhythm and approach as a photographer, how to translate a scene in front of you into a final image and why the

Insights From Beyond the Lens: Inside the Art & Craft of Landscape Photography by Robert Rodriguez Jr

 Photography BooksInsights from Beyond the Lens is a short book from landscape photographer Robert Rodriguez Jr. The book explores the craft of landscape photography from Robert’s holistic perspective and based on Robert’s experience as a photographer, instructor and public speaker. Illustrated with Robert’s beautiful photography, readers gain insight into the mental processes behind the images. Again, while many photography books focus on gear and technical aspects, Robert looks at the motivation, the passion and the vision involved in his landscape photography.

Digital Landscape Photography: In the Footsteps of Ansel Adams and the Great Masters by Michael Frye

 Photography BooksIf you are an aspiring landscape photographer you will have seen Ansel Adams’ work. This pioneer of landscape photography is instantly recognisable. This book, by Michael Frye, shows what we can learn from Adam’s workflow and how we can apply these lessons into today’s digital world. 

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