I wrote about fishing in Fernie for Destination BC back in October of last year. Recently, as friends in Fernie are getting into the backcountry and fishing once more, I found myself thinking about that lazy Fall day on the Bull River. So I delved into my photograph archive and re-edited some photographs from that trip.

Fishing in Fernie

Fishing in Fernie: Connor, cat driver by winter and electrician/raft guide by summer, casts his line into the slow moving waters of the Bull River.

Fishing in Fernie

Fishing in Fernie: Dropping down from a Forest Service Road to this pristine stretch of the Bull River is not easy. You need to know where you’re going and be eagle-eyed to spot the gap in the thick trees which line the steep drop.

Fishing in Fernie

Fishing in Fernie: This beautiful fish is a cutthroat trout, so named because of its distinctive ‘cut throat’ appearance. I love the spots on this fish as well.

Fishing in Fernie

Fishing in Fernie: Lime Creek on the Bull River is a popular section for fly fishing. It’s calm waters and plentiful eddies are often full of hungry fish.

Fishing in Fernie

Fishing in Fernie: Deep pools and clear water = a sweet fishing spot.

Fishing in Fernie

Fishing in Fernie: I’m heading back to Fernie in September for a month-long visit. For those who are signed up for my newsletter (and if you’re not, you can do so here) you will know that I have secured employment in France for the winter. I’m stoked to be heading back to the mountains. But before I depart for the French Alps I need to grab some skis and all my winter clothing from Fernie. While I’m there I’m looking forward to getting back on the river, with my camera in hand.

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