Aren’t we forgetting the true meaning of this day – the birth of Santa? – Bart Simpson

Ah Christmas, the holiday season, tis the season to be… blah blah blah.

Here are five reasons why Christmas in Fernie rules

Busy but not busy

The Christmas period in Fernie is generally the busiest time of the year for the ski hill. But on Christmas Day, if you aren’t too hungover from the Crimbo eve celebrations, you’ll find you’ll have the ski hill pretty much to yourself. Fernie, even on a busy day, isn’t really that busy. So get out there and shred.

You get to shred powder with your mates

Snake Ridge Fernie

Snake Ridge at Fernie Alpine Resort is my favourite place on the hill. The snow is always deep, the terrain a mixture of steep faces and gladed trees. Red Tree hugs the boundary line, you can gaze over into Fish Bowl where recent avalanche activity is evident. This photo, of my friend Kahn, is at the start of Red Tree. Bursting through the trees Kahn hits a natural feature and sprays powder in my direction.

I’ve had two different jobs while living in Fernie, one was as a liftie, the other is as a housekeeper. Both jobs are awesome for meeting cool people. As a liftie I got to shred on my morning commutes to my ski lifts, ride breaks, lunchtime. On the Christmas Days when I didn’t have to work, I’d enjoy some epic powder skiing with my mates before stopping by the Gritz Bar for a few drinks.

Christmas Dinner with your Fernie family

Christmas is generally the time of the year where you want to spend some time with your family. Yet as an ex-pat, seasonaire, ski bum you are often away from your family at this time of year. So what do you do? You band together with your Fernie family and tuck into a massive Christmas dinner and drink your face off, hoping you don’t wake up to hungover on Boxing Day and the inevitable return to work. I’ve spent four Christmas Days in Fernie, and each one has been spent with people I love, isn’t that what Christmas is really about?

You’re guaranteed a white Christmas…

snow in fernie

Growing up in England, a white Christmas was something I can not remember happening ever. It was a fairy tale from yesteryear, from lands far, far away. Yet living in Fernie, you’re guaranteed a white Christmas (see disclaimer). If it snows over the Christmas period, as it often does in Fernie. You’ll awake to find a winter wonderland.

(Disclaimer: a white Christmas is not guaranteed, check whatever your go to weather app on your iphone is, a white Christmas may be averted depending on the strength of this year’s El Nino.)

People in Fernie love Christmas

Walk down 2nd Avenue in Fernie and you’ll find the street alive with lights and Christmas cheer. Walk down any residential street in Fernie and you’ll find enough lights illuminating the sky to land a small aircraft. Little known fact, my old neighbour’s house on 9th ave is one of only three things you can see from space.

However and wherever you spend your Christmas may it be full of great food, great drink and most importantly, great people. Happy Christmas from Nomads on the Road.

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