Dog Lake – Kootenay National Park 

Dog Lake is a secluded lake in Kootenay National Park. In the summer, the lake is a busy place as it’s just an hour’s hike from the campsite as well as on the popular McLeoad Meadows hiking route. However in winter, no one was to be seen,

Crossing two bridges over the Kootenay River, the snowshoe trip out to Dog Lake took place on a beautiful crisp winter’s morning.

The Kootenay River was largely frozen, yet the water still managed to break through in faster flowing sections.

Breaks in the forest offered fantastic views of the mountains opposite.

The snowshoe hike out to Dog Lake takes you through beautiful pine forests, the only sound around was the crunch of snow under my snowshoes.

The hike to Dog Lake takes around one hour from the Dog Lake campsite. The frozen lake is quiet, no birds tweeting, no animals, no one but me.

Dog Lake, Kootenay National Park

Dog Lake, Kootenay National Park

Dog Lake, Kootenay National Park – surrounded by imposing mountains.

Dog Lake, Kootenay National Park

The snow is thick on the trees as I make the return trip from Dog Lake. Near the campsite, there is an outdoor theatre for the summer time guests.

My snowshoes, from Inside Edge Boutique and Sports in Invermere, rest easy. A great short snowshoe trip complete.

Directions to Dog Lake, Kootenay National Park

Dog Lake is a 5.2km return snowshoe trip. Starting from the McLeod Meadows picnic area snowshoers follow the trail through the campground and cut across the fire access road. Cross the Kootenay River and climb to the East Kootenay Fireroad. Cross this fire road and climb the modest hill before descending to Dog Lake. Retrace your steps to return to the car park.

Thanks to Columbia Valley Tourism for hosting me in Radium Hot Springs and Inside Edge Boutique and Sports in Invermere for the snowshoes.

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