Tolaga_bay_town Jan 6

Tolaga Bay – the wild and remote East Cape of New Zealand

The wharf at Tolaga Bay was once a thriving bustling pier, fishing boats, cruise ships and other vessels regularly docked at the bay. You can still see the railway tracks leading out into the bay.  The wharf at Tolaga Bay stretches 660 metres out into the South Pacific, but what was once a thriving pier…

Jul 6

Old Bones Backpackers – Hostel Review

Old Bones Backpackers is located on the East Coast of New Zealand’s South Island, a hostel with a difference and one of New Zealand’s best kept secrets. Just a ten-minute drive from downtown Oamaru, Old Bones Backpackers is, in my mind, the romantic notion of what a backpacker’s hostel should be. Ideally located across from a…

New Zealand Lake Mar 9

Photo of the Week – Lake Hawea

Lake Hawea is located on New Zealand’s South Island and is part of the Southern Alps.

Old man of Akaroa Dec 9

Conversations with Strangers – the old man of Akaroa

The Old Man of Akaroa Sitting at the bar you see things. You see things you wouldn’t see or perhaps notice outside the sanctuary of a bar. You see old people, young people, happy people, sad people, those who wish to drink away their sorrows, those celebrating a birthday, a promotion. Or you’ll see people…

12 Reasons to Visit New Zealand Nov 26

12 Reasons to Visit New Zealand

New Zealand, the youngest country on the planet, is a wonderful place to travel, from the tropical forests of the North Island to the Southern Alps, there is a whole host of reasons why travellers should visit. Here are just a few of my highlights from Aotearoa. 1: Visit the wild and remote East Cape…

Oct 7

Five Best Ski Resorts for Seasonaires

Affectionately known as ‘seasonaires’ in Europe, seasonal workers help keep powderhounds happy at ski resorts around the world. Working in a ski resort is perfect for ski bums from all walks of life – college grads fresh out of school, career breakers, and even long-term travellers looking for a home base for the season. Here…

Milford Sound part II - High above New Zealand's Fiordland Jul 8

Flying from Milford Sound – High Above New Zealand’s Fiordland

Milford Sound – a view from the air The small plane thunders down the Milford Sound runway hurtling towards the open stretch of water and the harbour of the Sound, what could be a terrifying moment is soon one of exhilaration. For within seconds the plane, one pilot, and four passengers are in the air….

Ski resorts of New Zealand you must visit Apr 5

New Zealand ski resorts you must visit

New Zealand Ski Resorts New Zealand offers skiers and snowboarders some great resorts, from well-developed snow areas to the smaller but friendly club fields. These are the New Zealand ski resorts you must visit. New Zealand offers skiers and snowboarders some great resorts, from well-developed snow areas to the smaller but friendly club fields. I…

Apr 2

The Best Road Trips of My Life So Far

Revised 1 July 2012 – Why? Because great road trips continue… The origin of the life-affirming road trip is difficult to pin down, some of the most memorable road trips I have been on were taken for no reason other than the fact I was bored, while others have been taken simply to get somewhere…

Cape Kidnappers cliffs Mar 22

Cape Kidnappers New Zealand and Captain Cook

Cape Kidnappers is a stretch of the east coast of New Zealand’s North Island, located about 20km south of the art deco town of Napier. When a place is as exotically named as Cape Kidnappers you kind of get the feeling that you should probably pay it a visit. Luckily Cape Kidnappers is not just…

Out in Milford Sound Mar 3

Milford Sound – Deep in New Zealand’s Fiordland

Fiordland is located in the Southwestern corner of New Zealand’s South Island, dominated by the sweeping slopes of the snow-capped Southern Alps, deep lakes, and the glacier-carved fiords. This is the start of my Milford Sound adventure. “For thousands of feet upwards the eye looks upon straight cut rocky frontages, not worn smooth by time,…

Feb 16

Fox Glacier – a memory to last a lifetime

I was reading a post the other day called Franz Josef vs. Fox Glacier which was about the decision travellers in New Zealand have to make in choosing between the two world-famous glaciers. It was by the excellent Inspiring Travellers and the post inspired me to recount my own tale of the time I paid…