British Columba Music: Mindil Beach Markets

British Columbia Music: Mindil Beach Markets hail from Vancouver Island and blend reggae, funk, hip-hop, and rock into their music.

British Columbia Music: Mindil Beach Markets

Mindil Beach Markets are five-piece band hailing from Vancouver Island. They recently played a show in Fernie, British Columbia and it was the perfect time for Nomads on the Road to find out what the band was all about.

Their ability to adapt their sound has allowed sharing the stage with a range of acts from Bedouin Soundclash to Nazareth to Del the Funky Homosapien. Their music blends elements of hip-hop, funk, and reggae.

The band, Cam Ainslie (drums), Rod Campbell (vocals/keys), Patrick Codere (vocals/guitar), Daniel “DK” Kingsbury (vocals/guitar) (vocals/guitar) and Matt Posnikoff (bass/guitar) captured listeners with the release of their self-titled first album in October 2010.

With a new album released earlier this month, MBM is currently touring Canada supporting ‘It Might Take Long.’  

Rod from MBM sat down with Nomads on the Road to talk about the music, the band and their hopes for the future…

Mindil Beach Markets Interview

NOTR: Describe Mindil Beach Markets music for those who may not have heard of you before?

MBM: We play rock music with elements of folk, reggaem blues andhip-hopp. Instead of just blending those genres, we actually bounce around amongst them. We’re just making the music we want to make, and we find that switching up genres is a good way to challenge ourselves.

NOTR: How does living on Vancouver Island influence your music?

MBM: I wouldn’t say that Vancouver Island itself has really influenced our music. We certainly appreciate the natural beauty, but if anything has influenced our music it’s the people we’ve met and the relationships we’ve formed on the island. The infusion of reggae in our music is more a result of what we listened to growing up than the influence of the island.

NOTR: What is the West Coast vibe and how does that make its way into your music?

MBM: I think the ‘West Coast’ vibe means something different for everyone. For some people it’s the acoustic-surf style, for others the reggae chop. When I think of ‘West Coast’ I think of Dr Dre’s production.  We’re making the music that sounds good to us based on the tastes we’ve developed by listening to music over the years. If that sounds ‘West Coast’ to people then that’s cool. If we were from the East would we have grown up listening to different music and therefore have a different sound? Maybe, maybe not.

NOTR: How did MBM form?

MBM: DK, Pat and Matt started playing music together in high school. Along with a few other people, they recorded a 2 disc album and sold it locally. They raised nearly $10,000 and put it all into an endowment fund. Each year, that fund provides a $500 bursary to an underprivileged student on the Sunshine Coast to help them pursue their musical dream.

After high school the guys went their separate ways, but always intended to reunite and form a band. They moved to Victoria in 2007, and after a year of trying out different drummers and keys players, they had the idea of inviting Cam and I to live in Victoria and join the band. DK and I had played together on his solo project a couple years prior, and Cam and I had played on a couple different projects together.  One weekend in the summer of 2008 the guys invited Cam and I to Victoria for the weekend. We partied, hiked, jammed, and 2 months we all moved into a house together. The rest is history!

NOTR: What is your opinion of the strength of BC music, does it have its own unique sound?

MBM: There are a lot of really cool bands in BC right now. I don’t think BC music has it’s own unique sound though. Maybe I just don’t listen to enough BC music to know, but I think the internet had made the world so small that bands now have influences flooding in from every corner of the globe. Different geographic regions are having less and less of a distinct sound. Whenever I hear a new band, first question I ask is “Where are these guys from?” I’m often surprised by the answer.

NOTR: Who are MBM influences musically and why?

MBM: We each have our own influences. DK’s biggest influences are Bob Marley and Neil Young, Pat and Pozi have always been huge Chilis fans, Cam listens to hardcore math rock, and I love my 90’s hip hop. I think that definitely tends to show in our music. Recently we’ve been incorporating Thin Lizzy-style harmonized lead guitar lines into our music. We could make an endless list of artists who have influenced us. Why have these artist influenced us? I think I speak for a lot of musicians when I say that the music that influences you is the music that stirs some kind of emotion in you when you listen to it.

NOTR: What goals do you have for MBM, where do you see the band in five years’ time?

MBM: We want to be drawing 500 or more people in any city across Canada as soon as possible. We’d really like to tour Europe in the next few years.  We want our environmental initiative, The Jellyfish Project, to grow to the point where we need to bring more bands in to meet the demand for presentations. Basically, we want to be as big as possible. This is what we want to do for the rest of our lives!

NOTR: Do you any new music set to be released you wish to promote?

MBM: We just released a new album on March 5th. It’s called ‘It Might Take Long.’  It’s available in iTunes, CD Baby and from our online store.

Check out MBM first video blog from this current tour…

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