Banff National Park Through an iPhone

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Banff National Park is world famous, recognised by the United Nations as an UNESCO World Heritage Site. With a high concentration of wildlife, Banff National Park is one of the most popular attractions in Canada, and rightly so.

This short photo essay showcases Banff National Park and Lake Louise through an iPhone.

Black Bear Canada

Driving through Kootenay National Park a few weeks ago, just after leaving Banff National Park, we spotted this young black bear enjoying an early morning feed.

Lake Louise Ski Resort Banff National Park

The Lake Louise sightseeing gondola is open year round, and offers visitors panoramas of glaciers, natural springs, wildflowers and sometimes wildlife.

Lake Louise Ski Resort Banff National Park

Lake Louise is believed to have first been visited by humans in 11,000 BC. Today, some three million visit each year. With an elevation of 1,536m (5,039ft), Lake Louise is Canada’s highest permanent settlement.

Lake Louise Ski Resort Banff National Park

From the top of Lake Louise Ski Resort, visitors can spy Lake Louise itself on the other side of the valley glistening in the morning sun.

Lake Minniewanka Banff National Park

Lake Minnewanka, aka “Water of the Spirits” in Nakota – the Stoney Indian language, is a glacial lake. The lake is 28 km (17 mile) long, making it the longest lake in the mountain parks of the Canadian Rockies.

Lakes Agnes Lake Louise Banff National Park

Lake Agnes stands high above Lake Louise and is well worth the 7.5 km (4.5 mile) return hike

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About The Author: Mike Cotton

Mike is a writer and wannabe mountain man, if he could grow a big bushy beard he would. Lives in Fernie, BC.

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  • Great black and white photos of this beautiful scenery! I especially liked the one of Lake Minnewanka. It must have been cool seeing the black bear while going through. Thanks for sharing!

  • Cool photos! I really like the misty black and white effect. It makes the place look mysterious and from an indefinable time…

  • Great photos! I hope to make it here soon!

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