A curious email found its way into my inbox this morning, a travmedia press release from an insurance company warning skiers to be aware on the slope this season and listing the most common ski injuries suffered. It’s the usual regurnalism press release and one which I more often than not ignore.

However the thing that caught my attention was the list of common injuries. These ranged from;

  • Ruptured ligaments in the leg;
  • Fractures of the lower leg;
  • Concussion; and
  • Broken bones, often wrists and ankles.

This got me thinking about injuries suffered by those working a season on the slopes.

Ski patrol to the rescue - get injuried on the slopes and these guys will be there to help

Ski patrol to the rescue - get injuried on the slopes and these guys will be there to help. @DennyMont

Here, and this is purely on a non-scientific analysis, the injuries range from;

  • Dislocated shoulder, knee, elbow;
  • Broken finger;
  • Broken back;
  • Broken wrists; and
  • Frostbite.

Is there a reason for the difference in injuries? Quite possibly yes. Those who ski and snowboard regularly are more likely to be fitter or at least more used to the rigours of shredding than those simply go once or twice a year.

Of course those who only ski once or twice a year are much more likely to get injured getting on and off a chairlift (how many times do they forgot to stand up and end up riding the bullwheel before jumping down and crying ‘what happened?’). They think nothing of risking life and limb to retrieve their treasured ski pole from the loading ramp, oblivious to the speeding metal chair heading for their face.

The type of injuries seen in those who only head up to the mountains once or twice a year could perhaps be attributed to general fitness, i.e ruptured ligaments, while the majority of injuries suffered this season by those working and living in the mountains, and again this is purely a non-scientific analysis here, seem to be high impact injuries or reoccurring injuries from previous seasons.

What injuries have you suffered on the slopes? Let me know in the comments below and I’ll be sure to reply with a highly sympathetic or sarcastic comment.


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