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lake-district-national-park-england-mike-cotton-photography May 27

Revisiting my travel photographs: Lake District National Park

Sometimes I like to go back and revisit photographs I have taken. I like to put a fresh set of eyes on a photograph and edit it to my mood that particular day. Does anyone else find their mood influences their editing process?  Here is a short photo essay from 2016 when I twice visited…

8 Photography YouTube Channels you Should be Watching and Why May 18

8 photography YouTube channels you should be watching and why

I’m a fraud. There I said. I tell people I don’t watch much TV and in that respect, I’m not telling a lie, I’m merely stretching the truth. The truth is I spend a stupendous amount of time watching photography videos on youtube. Here are 8 photography YouTube channels you should be watching and why… Brendan…

Backcountry-Tignes,-France-mike-cotton-landscape-photography May 17

7 Pinnable Photographs from the French Alps

Pinterest is often described as the world’s catalogue of ideas and it is an accurate description. I use Pinterest to find inspiration, to marvel at the beauty of the world and to follow my favourite travel photographers/bloggers.  You can follow me on Pinterest here. Here are my 7 favourite pinnable images from the French Alps. …

Felland Copse, Surrey: May 16

Felland Copse, Surrey: Location Scouting

Copse – a small group of trees.  Coppice – an area of woodland in which the trees or shrubs are periodically cut back to ground level to stimulate growth and provide firewood or timber. But what is the woodland management that is known as coppicing? This form of woodland management is as old as man, dating back…

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