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horseshoe-lake-milky-way-mike-cotton-photography Oct 13

Horseshoe Lake, BC: A Photo Essay

Hugging the Steeples, Horseshoe Lake, BC, is a popular backcountry campsite. This camping, fishing, and bird watching recreation forest site is found just east of Cranbrook. Located in a valley often referred to as the Rocky Mountain Trench, Horseshoe Lake offers beautiful views of the Steeples Mountains.  Surrounded by farmland, grasslands, and forests bursting with pine…

revelstoke-giant-cedars-boardwalk-kootenays-mike-cotton-photography Sep 21

What to do in Revelstoke: Two Days of Stoke

Revelstoke has long been on my list of cool places to visit in the Kootenays. Just the name itself is enough to stir the wanderlust in me, RevelSTOKE. Stoke is not just a town in the Midlands of the UK but a term used to describe something amazing, something awe-inspiring and generally cool. Nestled in the…

Sep 9

Summer Lake, East Kootenay: A Photo Essay

Summer Lake, East Kootenay, is a secluded lake found deep in the backcountry, about a two-hour drive from Fernie. With Fall in Fernie just around the corner, I’m stoked to get out and explore more of the backcountry and photograph the beautiful colours (when the backcountry is open). This past week I have been in…

elk-river-kootenay-bc-mike-cotton-photography Sep 1

The Elk River: A Summer Photo Essay

The Elk River is special. She starts life high in the Canadian Rockies, offering clear waters as she meanders downstream from her Elk Lakes source. Along the way to the valley bottom, the Elk River passes historic mining sites, stunning wilderness, and bountiful wildlife. The Elk River is at the heart of Fernie and this…

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