Nomads on the Road
Apr 4

A Barbados Photography Wishlist

While many are attracted to its range of world-famous beaches, Barbados is an island that offers photographers some fantastic opportunities. In addition to the turquoise bays (more of which, I’ll talk about later), Barbados has a UNESCO World Heritage capital, with an abundance of colonial era buildings. The wild and remote east coast offers photographers…

waterfalls-of-tignes-les-brevieres Mar 24

Steller Stories: Photographing Tignes Les Brevieres

Steller Stories is a free storytelling app which allows you to create video and photography stories. With a sleek emphasis on design and usability, Seller Stories is an innovative and visual way to share your stories. This story is called Photographing Tignes Les Brevieres.   You can follow along with my Steller Stories using the…

Dylan Nardini's Winter' Stand Mar 22

Dylan Nardini: Photographer Interview

Continuing our series, Photographer Interviews, Nomads on the Road profiles photographers who share their insights, inspirations and know-how. Here, Dylan Nardini discusses his work and reveals the secrets of what makes a great landscape photograph. Dylan Nardini Photographer Interview The depth and thought behind Dylan’s work is clear, he creates beautiful images from the wild…

Moûtiers-french-alps-landscape-photography Mar 9

A snapshot of Moûtiers, France

Not every day is a ski day in the French Alps, especially when you are as injury-prone as me. A few weeks ago, on a much needed day off, a group of us headed to the small commune of Moûtiers, for a spot of lunch and some sightseeing.  This photo essay is a bit of…

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